Wardrobe Solutions – 7 Bras Every Woman Should Own

Wardrobe Solutions – 7 Bras Every Woman Should Own

red plunge string detail bra on woman

The media, industry experts, your friends, and maybe even mom is telling you that you HAVE to HAVE a nude bra, a black bra, a “t-shirt bra”, a demi cup and maybe even a push-up bra. Being an expert and a full-time bra-wearing woman, I disagree!

A demi cup doesn’t work for every woman. A push up doesn’t work for full busted women or women whose breast sit high up on their chest. Someone who only wears black doesn’t need a nude bra. Yes, there are always exceptions, but what they should be telling you is based on your best fit (both size and style), your bras should be bought strategically to fill several wardrobe or lifestyle needs.

Outlined below are the most common wardrobe concerns. Read on to find out about the easy solutions!

-You have a strapless dress, a one-shoulder shirt, criss-cross back, cold-shoulder, or a halter anything.

Convertible Strapless (A-C cup in store now)

full bust bra

Convertible Strapless Bra (F-HH in store now)

Convertible Bra – traditionally a strapless bra that comes with detachable straps and several hook placements to configure the straps as desired. Bonus! It also doubles as an everyday bra with the straps fully attached.

-Your boobs look non-existent in certain shirts or you just want to showcase the girls (what I like to call 2 cakes on a platter). We all have times where our inner-vixen wants out.

push up bra

Contoured Push Up (A-C in store now) This style gives natural looking enhancement and doubles as a “t-shirt” style bra.

Push-Up Bra or Padded Push-Up Bra – Petite cups and Core women can take full advantage of a push-up or padded push-up. Some even come with removable cookies to tone the push up down or pump it up to maximum volume making it useful for more than just Showtime.

Half-cup Bra or Balconnette Bra – Full-busted ladies this is your alternate option to the push-up. You have the option of a traditional balconette bra or a half-cup bra. Both of these styles for the endowed ladies are shorter in the rise of the cup and the underwire with wider set straps. These features allow them to pull double duty for boat neck tops and dresses where your regular bra straps would typically show, or for square-necked tops and dresses.

full bust half cup bra

Faux leather half cup bra (FF-HH in store now)

-Your blouse is twisting or mashing the girls. Your button-down shirt is gaping at the bust (free peep shows!)

full bust lace bra

Cut and Sew Bra with side support (D-J in store now)

Wine full bust bra

Cut and Sew with stretch top lace (E-J in store now)

Cut-and-Sew or Unlined Bra– By wearing a non-moulded cup that is unlined – like a cut and sew design. It provides support and natural shaping without added bulk. This allows your breasts to fall into a perked up natural shape and a natural chest placement which is how most button-up shirts are constructed for women. They are not made for padded or moulded bras that add bulk and do not partner well with the fabric of these tops. Opt for a lace top cup for not only an all-encompassing fit but a smooth transition between your chest and your breast tissue. Bonus! These bra styles make you appear lean and svelte. Double Bonus! If you opt for a smooth cup in the unlined or non-padded styles it can double as your “t-shirt” bra or bra for thin clingy materials.

Opt for a lace top cup for not only an all-encompassing fit but a smooth transition between your chest and your breast tissue.

-You have high necklines but the edge of your cups show through. Or you have standard necklines but your breasts are situated lower on your chest.

purple full bust bra

Full Coverage Bra (E-J in store now)

Full coverage bra

Full Coverage Bra (in store now)

Full Coverage Bra – Usually unlined. A no-seam embroidered tulle cup will work for this too. Bonus! This style has the most options for wider bands that help smooth your back and sides. Double Bonus! For my ladies who always get poked in the armpit with the underwire and thought they can’t wear this style; there are plenty of full cup options now that address that issue – yay for more options! Lifesaver! You are not relegated to a lifetime of sports bras as regular bra wear. If you are a nurse, super mom, daycare provider, care for the elderly, or generally run/stoop/bend all day. This style is versatile, super supportive, and when fits properly is quite comfy!

You’ve never been able to wear that deep v-neck hanging in your closet. You refrain from buying plunging necklines or wrap dresses.

Hot pink full bust plus size plunge bra

Plunge Bra with bonus racer back detail (E-HH in store now)

lavender deep plunge bra

Deep Plunge Bra (A-C in store now)

Plunge Bra – Petites, Core & Full Bust beauties have plenty of options. Bonus! Opt for a fashion plunge with details made to be seen and don’t worry if little peaks of it flash during your day…or night? Like this one…

Red plunge bra

Plunge (B-F in store now)

-You wear a lot of thin, form-fitting clothing or t-shirts.

Tshirt bra

Non-moulded smooth cup (E-FF available now)

Smooth Cup Bra – Moulded, spacer, no-seam embroidered tulle, seamless satin – the point is there are options. Just remember you don’t always have to choose the US standard marketed quintessential “t-shirt bra”. A smooth constructed non-seamed cup is all you are looking for. 

-You work out. Your girls hurt after mowing the lawn. You are always up for an adventure. You are nursing. You miss your maternity bras and refuse to go back!

gray and purple wired sport bra

Wired Sports Bra (D-J cup in store now)

full bust wire free sports bra

Wire-Free Sports Bra (D-HH cup in store now)

Sports Bra – Wire or wire-free, sports bra construction is better than ever now and will be your solution to a variety of life changes and activities. Plus, they come in beautiful patterns and colorways. The Switch! Never work out? Not interested in a sports bra or want something lounge-worthy…go for a bralette instead. Bonus! Too bouncy in your bikini top to play beach volleyball…switch it out for a seasonal colored sports bra and be the sporty supported beach bunny volleyball bombshell you’ve always dreamed of.

…choose colors, patterns, and materials that you are comfortable in and that magnify your personality!

Now that you have the answers to your everyday wardrobe concerns, go ahead and focus on expressing your personality through your lingerie. I encourage you to choose colors, patterns, and materials that you are comfortable in and that magnify your personality! You are not relegated to only choosing nude or black moulded cup bras in hopes of ensuring you don’t offend anyone with your underwear choice.

That is the beauty of lingerie, you get your choice in how you express yourself and how you want to feel each day. You don’t have to show or share with anyone unless you want! It is your personal choice and a woman’s greatest little secret. All I’ve done is given you a guideline, a tool in your arsenal, to make life easier for you!

Still unsure…stop by the shop and we’ll help you put your new found knowledge to use. Wanna skip the lines? Book your complimentary or VIP fitting here!

Note: This guide is also applicable to my ladies who have had recent chest surgery, scarring to their chests or breasts (for various reasons), thin skin, or other concerns. Alter the details to fit your needs. There are many wire-free and differing fabric options that will fill both your wardrobe and medical needs.

As always…Stay Perky!




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