How To Fix An Underwire STAT!

How To Fix An Underwire STAT!

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Underwire pop out of its casing? While it’s not an ideal situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your fav has to be thrown away. Nor does it mean you’ve bought a defective or cheap bra. Its fabric and sometimes that happens. There are a few factors that actively contribute to an increased likelihood that this will happen. Here’s why


So, how do you fix it? Easy!


Push the wire back in and reinforce the seam with a little needle and thread. Easy-peasy, quick, and cost-efficient! Who doesn’t like that?! Plus you don’t have to ditch ‘ol Bessie. You can keep riding her to torment. Not a DIY-er? Visit your local trusted tailor – some will fix it on the spot.


If there is a small wear hole, simply patch with the fabric of your choice and hand stitch on. If you have command of a sewing machine like the domestic goddess you are…you probably have done this a time or two already. Look at you with all your skills and resourcefulness! You go, girl! If you are not sew-savvy,  try a very small piece of an iron on patch.


But…the solution my clients LOVE the most is taking the underwire out completely and wearing it as your new favorite non-wire bra!


Tell me your fav bra DIY fixes in the comments below!


When you are ready to upgrade pop in for a fitting and get into something that truly magnifies the woman within! Or gather your gals pals for a party and ditch all your old bras together!


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