Perfect Fit

I love this shop! I had recently lost weight and my current bra as not fitting properly anymore. The size I wear is not sold in any stores around here (38F) and I wasn’t sure when I would be able to get to the shop, so I attempted ordering 8 on Amazon prime wardrobe. After waiting a week for NONE of them to fit, I found time to get to the shop. It took less than 15 minutes to have 2 perfectly fitting bras. We ALL know how difficult it is to get a proper bra fitting, and she definitely does it right! The service is always amazing and very personalized. You will never feel like you are being forced into a bra that is not right for you just so the shop can make a sale. The selection is huge and seems like it would be impossible for there not to be the perfect bra for everyone! Stop by and support a local shop. You definitely won’t regret it! View on Google

Anna Smith

Non-Judgemental Confidence Booster

Very friendly, very clean shop! I'm an old school gal , older and larger in weight and trying on a bra in s shop had not ever been a thing for me. The shop owner and staff was very personalable, non judgemental and not pushy! They asked questions and listened to my concerns and then had me trying things on that actually surprised me a good way! I had been fitted wrong for awhile. I bought several items and noticed right away my confidence soaring with how they made me feel and look! I can't imagine shopping anywhere else for my underthings. PS.. thank you to the Perky Lady for having a place of comfort and now my favorite go to's! Can't thank you enough! View on Google

Peggy Buchanan

High Quality

It was a comfortable experience with awesome customer service! High quality products. I'd never been professional fitted before and was surprised I'd been wearing the wrong size. I'm really pleased with my purchases. View on Google

Kim Adamof

They Had My Size

I really loved it here! It's a lot closer to home than a lot of other stores and the lady was so nice! For the first time in my life they actually had my size, and only for an arm instead of an arm and a leg. I love the bra I got and when my oldest bra finally falls apart, I'll definitely be back here to replace it! View on Google

Reilly Hessing

Problems Solved

Came in with a "NOPE" bra, to show the problems I have had in the past with other overly commercialized stores. She took one look, and instantly identified not only the problems, but how to solve them. She brought me multiple options, and helped me find 3 bras that fit my body to a T. Also walked out with 2 pairs of underwear to match the bras, a beautiful comfy kimono-esk robe, and a luxurious nightgown and matching 'robe' (although not really a robe? fitted top section, long sleeves, with a long flowing back section - very victorian or golden age of movies, in style). She even kept the store open after hours for a Saturday, to help me get everything I could think of. I will have to get pics and add them in afterwards. THIS is now the ONLY place I will even THINK of going, for new undergarments! <3 Update: This is also a spot to donate your used bras. Used bras are repaired, cleaned, and then given out to women in need. View on Google

Dawn Gower-Godfrey

Practical and Decadent

10 out of 10, will visit again. I'm doubtful I'll shop [sic] anywhere else for bras. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, fast, thorough, accepting- basically everything you could ask for in excellent customer service. And the lingerie is both practical and decadent. Really a top notch experience. I recommend scheduling a private after hours party for you and your friends to enjoy and shop. View on Google

Lissa Coulter

Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience at my fitting. Shop was clean and inviting. I was in and out within 30 minutes after a handful of bras... which works for me with my busy schedule. I love that I was given instructions as to how to care for my garments. I felt comfortable and pampered and joked that I wish I could be dressed daily.. lol. All in all I walked out with 2 beautiful bras that make me feel amazing! Can’t wait to go back and try something risky! Love supporting local and this one is a keeper. View on Google

Charlene Gerogosian

Honeymoon Dreams

I did a custom fitting for a wedding and was able to find something that worked great. I was also able to get some everday items and items for the honeymoon. Prices are verry reasonable. View on Google

Ginger Quick

Highly Recommended

SO excited to find a place close to home! The owner is fabulous and incredibly helpful in finding the perfect fitting bra. I highly recommend going and getting properly fitted here and buying a bra that fits! View on Google

Anastasia Patti

Hidden Treasure

This boutique is a hidden treasure! Beautiful foundations and excellent customer service. I booked a personal event there and am so excited to share with friends. View on Google

Heidi McKinney

Wife Loved It

My wife loved the one on one attention she received, along with the best fitment ever! I'd post pictures, but dont think she'd like that. View on Google

David Cassone

Friendly, Nurturing Expert

April and her shop = Friendly Spirit. Nurturing. Expert! I have been avoiding wearing bras for years. As a small breasted woman, I was frustrated that I could not find a fit and style that elevated my feminine nature. When I walked into the Perky Lady I exhaled...the space is so welcoming and bright and April, the owner expresses the same energy. She spent a generous amount of time with me. I left with a smile on my face and joy in my heart...and a beautiful petite bra, a sensual nightie, and comfortable but sexy underwear. April followed up with a sweet and supportive email that reinforced my love of her shop and her energy. If you are looking for a bra and something special to soothe and spark your spirit, no matter your size, you must visit The Perky Lady! I know I will be back! View on Google

Kristen Polzien

Royal Treatment

Came with my sister and niece. We were given the royal treatment and left feeling fabulous and perky! The owner was thoughtful and very knowledgeable. Been wearing a bra for 25 years, and I learned a few things today! View on Google

Sara Burkes

Learned a Lot!

Great experience. I learned a lot about how a bra is supposed to fit. I came away with a new bra AND a good feeling about the way I look. I will definitely go back. View on Google

Mary Bridges

Attentive Personalized Service

I was fortunate enough to stop in here and get the best bra fitting ever. The service was attentive and personalized to my needs. I found the best fitting bras I have ever owned, and will be buying more soon. The shop itself is filled with a variety of bras, panties, hosiery, lingerie, nightgowns robes, and items to pamper yourself. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate! So many wonderful finds. The perky lady is a perfect stop for women of any size, and the prices are comparable or less than I have spent and Victoria Secret and Soma. They also carry some European and Australian sizes, which offer more options to find the best fit. Such a great shop and staff, I am looking forward to my next shopping experience. View on Google

Whitney Rodriguez

Feel and Look Better

So happy I went, was wearing the wrong size and style for this with "big girls" and I went down in size rather than up like I thought I needed! So happy with my new bras and looking forward to going back again for one I out in my wish list. I already feel and look better! View on Google

Mary Moore

Happy Wife

Awesome and knowledgeable staff with great experience a great selection of styles and colors. My wife to be has picked up lots fun stuff that I enjoy as much as she does. View on Google

S. Squatch

Best Experience

The best bra fitting experience I have ever had! If you are looking for amazing customer service and selection, this is the place! View on Google


Pleasant and FUN

I really enjoyed my VIP Bra fitting session with April yesterday. I didn't realize that I had been wearing the wrong size of bra for years! April found many beautiful and comfortable options for me, and made the whole experience so pleasant and fun (who does not like sipping on Champagne and eating cookies while shopping?)! I will definitely come back and highly recommend! View on Google

Emillie Smith

Best Bra Ever

Best bra fitting ever! I love my new bra! I highly recommended this amazing shop for the best bras ever. View on Google