Loving the Woman in the Mirror- Part 2

Loving the Woman in the Mirror- Part 2

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In part 1 of this series, I provided 4 ways to reset your Self-Esteem. In part 2 I am delving into 4 ways to reset your stress level. Good timing? I think so. The holidays are upon us and the pressure always seems to be worse this time of year. We are expected to keep up with the Jones’, not gain holiday weight, and pretend the blues aren’t creeping in as the thermometer plunges.


reset your stress level


More so, this is the time of year you are supposed to give more. More of yourself, your time, your attention, and your money. I don’t know about you, but it will suck me dry if I let it. I realize, more than any other time of year, I am stressed to the max. So I practice these 4 things to reset my stress levels…

  1. Recognize your time is important! Like Ben & Jerry’s during PMS important! We are pulled in every which direction constantly. This is super stressful and wears on us to the point that even small hiccups cause a huge breakdown. Take your “me” time seriously and don’t compromise it for anything or anyone. Delegate, designate, dodge, dive, or skirt something if you must. It doesn’t matter if it’s reading, writing, or my personal favorite (taking a bath)… whatever it is just make sure you take the time and do it. Turn off the phone, hang a sign if you have to, and recharge your batteries.
  2. Learn the word “no” and learn to use it without explanation. This is crucial in getting the necessary “me” time everyone needs and to simply not overburden or overcommit yourself. When you learn to respect your own boundaries then others will fall in line and do the same. If people can’t respect your boundaries and begin to fall away then realize you are better off without them. And it’s a good thing too, you deserve better!
  3. Recognize, have gratitude, and surround yourself with the light carriers in your life. Only allow those who resonate at your level or higher around you. We require light and positive energy to lift us up. The more you resonate with drama, darkness, and negativity… the longer you will remain negative, depressed, and feel despair. Recognize, have gratitude, and surround yourself with the light carriers in your life.
  4. Be in the moment. Do not experience or witness life through the lens of your phone. Or shut out the sights and sounds around you. Practice conscious awareness. When you walk, notice the sound of your feet on the pavement. Notice the wind on your skin and the smell in the air. In the shower turn off the racing to-do list and actually smell your soap and feel your fingers in your hair. Really pay attention to the sights, smells, touch, taste, and feelings of your everyday activities and stay in the moment. Hell, feel the velvet of your new chemise with your fingertips and on your skin as you drift off to sleep. The point I am trying to make here is when you focus on these smaller details it alleviates stress almost instantly (for me at least). I am forcing myself to stay in the moment and not rush or plan for future things I either a) cannot control or b) future plan for things that rob me of my now. If I drift into old habits, no worries, just reset your intention. Be kind to yourself it will take time.

Do these work for you? Do you have different ways to reset your stress level? Post in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. One post left in this series…stay tuned!

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