5 Tips to Organize Your Underwear Drawer

5 Tips to Organize Your Underwear Drawer

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These 5 quick tips to organize your underthings is all you will ever need to keep in mind in order to look like that classy diva you see in all those old Hollywood movies…or at least feel like one! Sitting glamorously at her vanity getting ready to strut through the day where everyone falls at her feet. Drama gives way to her demand, success on the horizon, and love is her mistress.  I suppose in order to look like one we all need an ostrich feather dressing gown and some matching kitten dressing heels! But I digress….


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Carroll Baker c. 1965 at her vanity table Hollywood


Follow my tips to ensure reaching for the perfect pair is easy every time!


Your underwear is the foundation of every outfit for every occasion in your life. It is the first thing you reach for and it can make or break your mood and your day. I suppose all we really want to feel these days is simplicity. Organized, put together, and able to do that with minimal clutter and little effort. Follow my tips to ensure reaching for the perfect pair is easy every time!


  1. The Purge

Instill some order! Throw out tattered, torn, threadbare, stretched out, ill-fitting, and uncomfortable bras & undies. And be honest with yourself…you know you hate those undies that roll down all day and that bra you call “Old Pokey”


  1. Give Them All a Designated Space

Divide your underthings into categories. Break your undies down into briefs, thongs, high-waisted, seamless (whatever you need). Fold or roll undies and use dividers or small storage baskets to sort them by style and color. Place one cup inside the other for cut-n-sew styled bras to save space and protect any delicate fabrics. Moulded cups should lay flat tucked into each other. Separate athletic garments, shapewear, and hosiery into their own area. Keep hosiery in hosiery bags to keep them snag free! Hang babydolls, chemises, peignoirs, etc. Display your pieces so that you are excited to search them out every time!


  1. Treat with Care

They don’t call them delicates for nothing! Always use a lingerie specific wash. Always hand wash bras. Reshape bras after washing and lay flat to air dry, or hang by the gore (centermost point of the bra) to air dry. Most daily wear undies can be washed in a lingerie wash bag on the delicate cycle. This minimizes your need to hoard misshapen and tattered underthings…see #1.


tshirt bras in drawer nested cup in cup

To store moulded cup bras lay nest the cups inside each other



  1. Ditch the scented add-ons

Toss out scented drawer liners and sachets. The oils can stain and discolor your lingerie. If you love for your lingerie to have an alluring scent try a naturally scented lingerie wash!


  1. Give Up the Worn Out Bras

How can you tell they are finis? The straps will not stay up no matter what you do and/or the band is loose on the tightest hook. Still aren’t sure…visit The Perky Lady for a fitting and donate those old bras to us to help local women!


So whether you are building the foundations of an old Hollywood diva or trying to live life more simply, start and end with these 5 simple ways to keep your unmentionables organized. You simply just can’t start your day off wrong when you no matter what you grab you know it’ll always be your favorite pair!

Bonus tip: Get creative in what you actually store your goodies in. Make it special. You want to actually get excited about walking over to it and getting dressed in the morning. Am I right? So whether it is a $4 score from the local flea market (like a rad antique lingerie chest you refinished) or a brightly painted non-traditional piece of kitchen furniture you are re-purposing from your trip to Bali or even a plastic Wal-Mart container – make sure its smooth inside and you make it special for yourself!


Never quite had a favorite bra or pair of panties? Not to worry! Visit the ladies at The Perky Lady today where they will fit you into your new favorite bra and panties today. We can help you build your perfect lingerie wardrobe where no matter what you pick up in the morning you’ll rock your day!


Stay Perky!







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