Product Review – Boob-eez

Product Review – Boob-eez

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“Your nipples are showing!” a friend screamed to me, actively pointing it out at the gym one day. At first sounding alarmist. You know, enough to draw the attention of every person in the weight room.

Men looking confused and women glaring. Of course, I didn’t help matters by grabbing a hold of my girls with this shocked look on my face either. What was I going to do? Walk out of the gym holding my breasts. Nope…I dropped my hands, shrugged my shoulders and our normal dynamic took hold. We began laughing hysterically and continued our workout. Happy nipples and all. Oddly enough, the world kept spinning.


Nipple showing in tshirt


It modern US culture, an erect nipple can sometimes have a very powerful effect of offending people en mass. So, the only natural way to handle this is to shame women into concealing their nipples – sometimes to the point of paranoia. Ahhh now doesn’t that feel better? What? No! Newsflash! You can’t control what your nipple wants to do. (I’ll save my soapbox for another post)

However, for some of my clients, my gym story is absolutely unfathomable. There are many instances in the shop where my clients refuse to try on any bra that is not moulded or at the very least has some level of padding. It can be anxiety-inducing to them.  The very thought that their nipple could possibly show through. And you know what? That is OK! I respect their feelings and I understand. Others, simply want a little extra coverage certain days. I get that too.

The problem with always trying to buy moulded, padded or spacer styles is that the majority provide a poor fit for a lot of women, and they are extremely limited in size options. What you may not know, is they also give a false sense of security. Erect nipples show through a lot of those styles all the time. You may not notice because you’ve come to think of it as your armor.


Silicon nipple covers modesty


How we address nipple show through is with nipple covers. A very easy to use and inexpensive accessory. You may have heard them referred to as concealing petals, headlight hiders, discretes, or pasties (the decorative and oh so fun version!).

There are many options widely available to provide a solution. They can range anywhere from $4 to $40. There are disposable, reusable, decorative, gel, silicone, fabric, etc. What I prefer and what I carry in the shop is boob-eez ($14 & $18). These are the best on the market in my opinion.

Some other brands are all one thickness creating a distinct “cut biscuit” effect and are cumbersome to wear. That negates the whole purpose right?!

They are light, reusable, self-adhesive, silicone discs. The discs are mildly convex and thicker in the middle before gently tapering out. Meaning they have made them to have more coverage in the middle (where the erect nipple is) and less as it tapers out to meld into a smooth transition against the skin. I love this thoughtful (almost common sense design). Some other brands are all one thickness creating a distinct “cut biscuit” effect and are cumbersome to wear. That negates the whole purpose right?!

I really like that boob-eez are thin and comes in 2 sizes- 6cm ($14) and 8cm ($18). If you know me, you know I can’t stand “one size fits all”. I have found that they are sized appropriately. The 6cm size is perfect for most petite and core bra size wearers. The 8cm are perfect for my full cup gals. They also come in 2 flesh tone colors – lighter and darker.

Putting them on and wearing them is easy-peasy too! Remove boob-eez from their protective case. Rest the outer side of your first cover in the palm of your hand and gently peel off the thin plastic film on the adhesive side. Center on the nipple and press on. I center mine and start from the bottom and pull up just slightly as I adhere the cover to my nipple and areola area. This gives me a little extra lift!

To ensure I have them secure, I continue to keep the area covered with my palm while applying light pressure for just a few seconds. Repeat for the other side (if necessary). When you are done for the day, remove gently and retire them to their little case.

They are washable as well. Hand-wash only (read here for our no-fail way to wash your bras). I take a little of my lingerie wash (SOAK) and rinse the boob-eez with it before letting them air dry. The adhesive reactivates and they are ready to go!

I have not ever had to re-adjust or re-secure them during the day. I even forget I wear them most of the time. They are that comfortable. Tip: leave off the body oil or lotion if you are going to wear them to make sure they stick nicely.

Boob-eez claims that you can even wear them in the water…if you are a swimmer, let me know in the comments below if this worked for you.


Sheer black crotchet neck bra nipple covers


With this easy and affordable accessory, the bra world is your oyster! You are free to explore all different materials, styles, and cuts without fear of exposure. Every client that purchases, returns to tell me how wonderful they are!

Good, bad or indifferent…nipples are here to stay. Are you garaging yours or keeping your freebirds? I want to hear your thoughts!

Pop by the shop and check out the latest styles now that you know your secret weapon!

As always stay Perky!




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