Loving the Woman in the Mirror- Part 3

Loving the Woman in the Mirror- Part 3

Rose Petal Milk Bath

Here we are at last ladies. Part 3 of 3 in the, “Loving the Woman in the Mirror” series of blog posts. In Part 1 of the series, I provided 4 ways to reset your Self-Esteem. In Part 2 I provided 4 ways to reset your stress level. For this final part, we will talk about how to take the next step in the journey. Making yourself #1 again.

Before we can continue I need to make sure you read that last line and understand what it meant. Making yourself #1 doesn’t mean that you have to neglect everyone else. It doesn’t mean that you are selfish or self-centered. It simply means that you treat yourself with the same love and patience that you treat others. After all, if you can’t love yourself then how are you supposed to properly show love to those around you?


make yourself #1


I will go ahead and stick with our recipe of 4 tips to achieve the goal.

  1.  Stop sacrificing and treat yourself!

If you’ve ever thought, “I can wear this another few months” in order to upgrade the kids’ wardrobe. Or you’ve baked so many cupcakes for the eighth bake sale of the year you forgot to shower. Then you are guilty of this. I know it’s hard to say no to people that you care about so deeply. But us ladies seem to make such a habit out of saying no to ourselves that we stop asking. Repeat after me ladies, “No More!”.

Change is hard and we need to build from the foundations up. By foundations I mean the underpinnings and things that actually touch your skin. These things decide if you’re going to be comfortable or not throughout the entire day. Don’t underestimate how something that fits (properly!) and feels amazing can turn your life around. Imagine yourself in something that allows you to move and be confident without any distractions. A power bra? A pair of sexy panties? Hose without runs? Yes, please! You deserve it.

  1. Smell the roses!

That can be taken literally or figuratively. For the literal, don’t wait for someone to get you flowers. Take a few minutes to buy some for yourself. Then, put them somewhere in the house where you will see them all the time. The colors and scents will uplift your spirit. When they have run their course you can combine the petals with an amazing bath bomb and some candles in a nice bath. The goal is to treat yourself from time to time so you feel recharged.

  1. Get the VIP treatment!

Being a VIP doesn’t mean you have to spend like a Kardasian. Sure, it can be a spa day where you are waited on hand and foot. Maybe it’s just having the essentials for spa day right in your own home. Draw a bath. Maybe a massage? I love using the moisturizing oil from my massage candle we have here at the shop.  Some Ben & Jerry’s, a nice fuzzy robe, and a binge-watching session on tv can count too!



Finding out that you lack the proper necessities to even start treating yourself like a VIP can feel like a setback. Start small. Treat yourself to a VIP sesh and let us handle the rest! If you’re treating yourself then you owe it to yourself to upgrade how you experience the world, right? You deserve to be comfy and happy. A good fit experience should feel relaxed and fun in a friendly atmosphere. It in no way should resemble a teenage girl feeling your ummm…avocado’s to see which is ripe like at a certain store of secrets. (Learn about what you should expect from a professional bra fitting Perky Lady Style) Plus, you’ll leave with all the necessities you need to have a VIP inspired lounge session at home!

  1. Magnify the woman within!

It’s not just our tagline, it’s an empowering anthem! Don’t you remember singing at the top of your lungs with Shania about how great it is to be a woman? Come on ladies, they don’t call us the fairer sex for nothing. We don’t need to settle for men’s t-shirts and short skirts when we have silk & lace, velvet, and maybe a sexy teddy. Try something on that empowers you and own it! You deserve it.

To help support your journey to reclaiming, well… you…check out the 10 items every woman should have in her Lingerie wardrobe. In the meantime, stay Perky!




Not ready for a VIP experience? We get it. You still may want to skip the lines. Click here to find out how.


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