10 Lingerie Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Her Drawer

10 Lingerie Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Her Drawer

Black and copper butterfly lace detail bespoke Silk Chemise

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect outfit. But…what will you wear underneath? You meticulously searched and paired all the right pieces, but without choosing your foundations, it is never going to do you justice. Feeling stylish, sexy, and comfortable in what you are wearing underneath that outfit is the secret to confidence, the confidence that is going to make that outfit truly stunning on that beautiful body of yours.

Below, I’ve compiled the 10 essentials every woman should have in her lingerie arsenal…

Silk Chemise

Jane Woolrich Design Black silk slip (chemise) with copper butterfly lace trim & accents. She offers many colors and combinations to personalize your piece & designs for women of all sizes. The Perky Lady can assist you with any orders

  1. A cute lacy silk, chemise

(Some of you may know them by slips. But we’re not talking that static-y white nylon thing from the ’80s your mom made you wear under your church dress.)

Great for post-sexy time, sleepovers, getting ready to go out, or just because you want to lounge in style. I’m talking short, slinky and smooth against your skin. I love mine with lace at the hem and 1 small slit. If you can afford to invest in a silk piece, do so, you will get your money’s worth and feel so decadent. If not, there are many other options just as nice. Pairs well with chunky sweaters and thick socks if you are looking to play it cool. Or pair with a leather bomber jacket and sky-high stilettos and channel your inner saucy minx. 


  1. A Robe you can’t wait to put on

I believe good robes are the ones that are simple, soft and make you feel amazing. Great to lounge around the house, do your hair & make-up in, or run to the mailbox. One is essential, more is better. Cold weather, warm weather, and the sexy artistic one that doubles as a wrap for going out. 


  1. Good Quality Well-Fitting Bras

We’ve all bought cheap, poorly made, ill-fitting bras. We’ve paid dearly and vowed each time we wouldn’t do it again. The fact of the matter is, (baseline) you need at least 4 quality bras in your everyday wardrobe rotation. 6 if you work out regularly. A quality bra that is made well and fits properly is essential to getting the most out of your clothing wardrobe. It can even help in alleviating some back & neck pain.

Bra and matching panty

  1. Quality Knickers  (Panties, Undies…whatever floats your boat)

Look for versatile styles and fabrics that work with your current body and the clothing you wear most. Seamless designs tend to be the most versatile. Instead of 30+ pairs of misshapen, frayed, ill-fitting, uncomfortable pairs that you just keep adding too…find 10-15 quality pairs that compliment your lifestyle & your wardrobe (plus a few extra special pairs). Great fitting knickers are the fastest way to feeling comfy and confident all day long!


  1. Hosiery

A pair of pantyhose, hold-ups (thigh highs with silicone), and/or thigh high stockings paired with a suspender belt in a good denier never goes out of style. Plus, they come in handy for more professional engagements. While the traditional thigh high stockings and suspender belt take more effort than most modern women are used too, they are actually the most forgiving with regards to staying in place and range of motion. Bonus! It is super sexy and can pull double duty as shapewear. If at any point, you want a little extra attention from your honey, let him catch you attaching your stockings to your suspender belt or taking them off. Buy a good denier, take care of them, and they will last a long time.

Hold ups Thigh Highs Stockings

Try these …in store now in sizes M-4X!

  1. Tights

Classic opaque tights are wonderful for transitioning spring/summer outfits into cooler weather. Plus, they are a cold weather style staple. Black is very versatile, but who can choose now with so many colors, patterns, and textures!


  1. A Matching Set

The matching bra and knicker set, the quintessential staple. Whether you are a matchy-matchy woman or a freebird, there is something different in the way you walk through life when your underthings match. I know it’s my go-to power play. When your bra matches your knickers, you just feel like you can take over the world!


  1. Something RED

Need I say more?!

Red Satin Boudoir Bra Set


  1. Something Femme Fatale

There is something undeniable about black lingerie that has the power to turn you into the bombshell seductresses you see in the movies. The possibilities are endless, especially if you adorn your perfect pout with red lipstick.

Femme Fatale black lingerie

Femme Fatale Ava Gardner in The Killers. Check out her museum in Smithfield, NC

  1. Lingerie Wash

A wash specifically for your delicates is how you are going to keep your lingerie essentials in wonderful shape and get the most use out of them. Fail to care of them properly and not only will you find yourself spending more money than you have too. It will make it that much harder to branch out of essentials and into exploring all the other wonderful lingerie pieces that help you express yourself!


Ready to shop for your essentials? Why not treat yourself to an upgraded fit experience in our cozy shop!

I want to hear from you…have questions or comments. Post below!

Until next time…stay Perky!





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