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Bras, Lingerie & Life Blog

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Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to the Perky Lady blog. My name is April, the original Perky Lady and founder of the Perky Lady bra and lingerie shop. Since this is our first blog post I want to give a little background about what we do, how we do it, and how you can be a part of it. 

The Perky Lady is Apex North Carolina’s premiere size-inclusive professional bra fitting and lingerie boutique. Yep, a good ole’  brick and mortar shop. You know the one – where you can actually touch stuff and talk to a real person. We’re your down-home gals bringing back the mystery and “special-ness” to lingerie in an attainable, fun and modern way. And this is our bra, lingerie & life blog!

I’m going to start by revealing a secret, the Perky Lady was born in another bra shop (Wow, I feel better admitting that). I would tell you the name but I can’t remember. Perhaps you can help me figure it out. It was a poorly lit place where the sales staff was an odd combination of uninterested and yet pushy. The dressing room was a square box with harsh lighting and I was presented with five different beige bras that didn’t fit. Oh, you’ve been there?! Of course, you have, we all have because I just described every bra shop you’ve ever been in.

My last bra shopping experience is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It inspired me to do better for me and women like me.

In that place, at that moment, I decided I deserved better. Women deserve better! We deserve better than salespeople that don’t bother to make sure what they are trying to sell fits. We deserve better than one color. Ladies, we deserve better than boring. We wear dresses that we painstakingly shop for and check from 22 different angles.  Not to mention acquiring all of our friends’ opinions. Shoes? We visited 14 places to get them. We carry handbags that we picked out from across the room as they called to us like a moth to a flame. Yet, somehow we’re relegated to wearing the same boring underthings that have been pushed since the ’50s with essentially no changes? No ladies, not us, not anymore.


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The Perky Lady is based on these simple foundational beliefs. Women deserve a custom fit that is as unique as you, and your amazing shape, are. That means we don’t brand you some band size and cup size combo. Nope! We actually fit you and give you a custom Perky Lady fit. Yes, in a bra and style that match not just your needs (support, comfort, etc..) but your mood and goals. We believe you are beautiful and sexy just the way you are.  Women get enough negative images pushed on us and we’re here to tell you that you and your body are perfect!

Our goal is to make sure you have the opportunity to express the strong, confident, and beautiful woman that you are is. We encourage you to magnify the woman within. If that’s in white lace that makes you feel sexy – we got it. Black and shear that lets you feel strong and confident – got it. Red your passion? Inner vixen dying to be unleashed? Whatever you wear, feel amazing in it, you deserve it!

The Perky Lady opened the doors on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017. Come in, check us out and let us know how we can help you become the Perky Lady you are meant to be. We have an amazing inventory of bras, panties, hose, garters, teddys, and more to help you feel and look amazing.

Stay Perky!




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