Halloween & Feeling Sexy

Halloween & Feeling Sexy

Halloween feeling sexy in black lingerie with this Bettie Page Inspired Cartoon Pinup

Halloween and feeling sexy…

Here at The Perky Lady we love the fall. The cold nights mean more snuggle time with the Perky Man. Pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin pie! The beautiful colors of the trees as they get ready to strip down for the winter. But what we really love about fall is Halloween. PS. Don’t tell Thanksgiving dinner I said that.

All the festive mood makes us want to put on our witch hats, throw on a pair of boots and do our best Elvira impersonation! I don’t mean to brag but can you think of a better business to own than a bra and lingerie shop on Halloween? The people we meet are awesome and the outfits are to die for. I love watching ladies take the time to get that perfect feel and that perfect fit to hit the town and strut their stuff.

What surprises me, however, is the conversation that comes along with the territory. I can’t tell you how many people tell me, “It’s the one time of the year I can wear whatever makes me feel sexy in public and it’s acceptable.” I cringe every time I hear someone say that. Now, you probably don’t prefer to go around every day looking like the queen of the damned. Cue 6-inch stilettos and a push-up bra so over the top that gives you a sore throat. But why can’t you wear what makes YOU feel sexy any day you want?

That’s what lingerie is all about ladies! It doesn’t have to be for a special occasion or to blow his socks off before you crawl in bed. Heck, doing that sometimes means you don’t even get to enjoy the material for more than a few minutes before it’s off 😉


“It’s the one time of the year I can wear whatever makes me feel sexy in public and it’s acceptable.”


No, lingerie is all about how you feel. Tapping into what it means to be a feminine, powerful, and sensuous woman. It’s about enhancing the woman that you already are and helping you set the mood for the day you want to have. There are plenty of sexy options that can be worn as everyday items that don’t require a reservation for two at a restaurant and a hotel stay.

Why not try a pair of panties that make you feel good just for you? Or how about a set of bras that are as colorful as fall leaves on the ground? Not the beige of the coffee you stare into in the morning when you’re still half asleep and your hair looks like the bride of Frankenstein?

Remember, you get to feel the way you choose! Go bold from time to time! What I am trying to say is don’t limit yourself to the same old thing and wonder why you feel the same old way. Try something new and exciting. Practical doesn’t have to mean boring!

Don’t wait for Halloween to feel the way you want. Treat yourself every day of the year with quality and options. Pop into the shop and we’ll show you how.

Stay Perky!




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