Bra Fittings – What should you expect?

Bra Fittings – What should you expect?

Bra Fitting and Measuring Tape

Before we delve into what you should expect from a bra fitting, let’s talk briefly about what exactly it is.

What is a professional bra fitting exactly?

Let’s first discuss what “professional bra fitting” really means. Professional bra fitting simply put is a personal session with someone who has the expertise to properly determine your best fitting bra sizes coupled with suggestions of styles and brands that will work best with your body shape, lifestyle, wants and needs.

Big box stores (both discount, better or upscale) may have policies on training staff to fit for bras and therefore advertise that they have professional fitters. Most of my clients’ (and my own) experiences have proved to us that claiming to have professional fitters is far from actually being one. They typically lack the product and body knowledge required to carry out a successful fitting.

In addition, those types of stores usually have a complete lack of desire to help on a personal level. Usually, small specialty boutiques, like The Perky Lady, are where you will find your true professional grade fitters. (Shop small & shop local ya’ll) They have the passion and have spent numerous hours acquiring the skill, ability and product knowledge to best serve you. Plus some, like The Perky Lady, is usually your best resource for acquiring unique coveted pieces or having a bespoke garment made to your specifications.


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How do I know if I should get fitted?

There are several telltale signs you may want to visit your local specialists. These are not all encompassing, but you get the idea. You may be experiencing one or several of these issues…
  • The girls are sneaking out underneath your cups
  • The girls look like pop-n-fresh on top (or “Quadro Boob”)
  • Gaping in the cup
  • Your band is riding up
  • Your band is digging in
  • Your underwire is digging in – anywhere
  • Your straps continue to fall off your shoulder(s)
  • Your straps are digging into your shoulders
  • Your girls, neck or back are in discomfort working out
  • You are constantly readjusting or are acutely aware you have a bra on
  • If you have experienced weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, breast augmentations/reductions, mastectomy, or reconstruction.

Regardless of if you are noticing or experiencing these issues plan for a bra fitting at least once (1) per year, although every six (6) months is optimal. If you gain or lose weight you’ll have to pop in more frequently. You see your girls every day and may not notice subtle changes, but your bra fitter will. Making and maintaining a fit schedule also helps to ensure you are continuing to care for yourself. Plus, establishing a working relationship with your fitter is like having your own personal shopper! She will get to know your likes and dislikes and in some cases attempt to make sure items are stocked in store for you because you are loyal and buying frequently.

So, according to the list above – I need a fitting. What value is it to me to have one?

A well-trained fitter can and WILL save you time, money, and worry! You don’t have to think, stew, worry, or get an anxiety attack trying to do this alone anymore. Your fitter supports you – literally! Your professional fitter may take a couple of measurements (depending on her technique) and have a short conversation about your needs and likes. Her knowledge and service will handle the rest.

You should be able to sit back and relax during your fitting. Rely on your fitter to suggest what will work for you. All the noise is weeded out so that you only buy what truly works. This is much more efficient than wandering through a department store or spending copious amounts of time online not knowing where to start. The only decision you make after she completes her technical fitting with you is whether the bra(s) are comfortable for you and which you want to purchase at your appointment. This approach saves you time, money, and a whole lot of worry. No more lingerie drawer full of pain-inducing losers!


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So, what’s a fitting “Perky Lady Style”?

WE. HAVE. FUN. And we certainly don’t put you in a box! I never had fun shopping for bras and underwear before I made it my profession, and I hear it all the time from my first-time clients. That is before they came for a fitting with us.

I am April, the founder, and one of the professional fitters on site. Whether you are looking for everyday bras, specialty solutions or lingerie we are here to help. If you are looking to shop with utter anonymity, please keep shopping at the big box retailers. However, if you crave authenticity and personalized attention that will eventually lead to you to brag to your girl squad that you have a personal shopper…you want to come here.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with each of our clients, find your best fit, and have FUN doing it. Over and over again! Dancing in the dressing rooms – yep. Belting out Hungry Like the Wolf…yep, I’ll join in. When I put you in that custom fit for the first time and you feel it all come together, it is a feeling like no other and I am so excited to see you so happy!

So, if you are struggling with finding the right bras in the best sizes for you, come into The Perky Lady to get fitted today!

I want to hear from you! Share in the comments below what you liked about your last fitting – wherever it was!

Stay Perky!