Help! My Bra Straps Keep Falling Down!

Help! My Bra Straps Keep Falling Down!

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“My bra straps keep falling down! I mess with them constantly!” said most every new client ever who’s walked these doors. Its always followed by a frustrated sigh.

I hear this A LOT! Not just in the shop, but when I’m out and about in public. Ladies always fidgeting and readjusting their straps. Listen up, ladies! Your bra is trying to tell you something.

The explanation is quite simple. It comes down to four (4) main reasons your straps seem to refuse to cooperate.

You are wearing a less than adequate fit.

When your band is too loose it rides up on your back and there is too much movement for the straps to be able to stay in place. Additionally, the band size correlates to how the bra is scaled. Straps on a 34 band are typically more narrow than a 36 band. It’s called scaling. Which also plays into the next reason – style.

You are wearing a style that doesn’t work with your body.

Strap placement is crucial not just in relation to sizing and the seemingly magic scaling ratios for your body, but also for style. Strap placement, both front and back, are integral to both design and how the bra functions and wears.  

You haven’t adjusted your straps since you bought it.

Some people over adjust (see the next reason), some don’t adjust at all. If they are loose, maybe they just need a little tightening. Slide the tension so that you can fit 2 fingers snuggly between the strap and your shoulder. If you can move your fingers easily it is on the loose side. If you can’t fit them under, it is overly tight.

Your bra is caput!

Done, finis, expired, dead…caput. Your straps are overstretched. They have lost their elasticity. The main ways your straps lose their elasticity is the bra is old and has lost the ability to retain the proper shape. The bra’s fabric has been compromised by the washer and dryer. And/or you have overtightened the straps in a desperate attempt to find the support you are desperately lacking.  (Hint: support comes from your band, not the straps!)

It could be any one or all of these reasons. Listen to what your bra is telling you!  If your bra straps are constantly falling and you are ready to find a bra that sets you free, pop in today and upgrade to something you deserve!


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