Why Does My Bra Band Roll?

Why Does My Bra Band Roll?

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Ahh, the rolling bra band. That would make a great touring band name, don’t you think?


Ladies, some of our bra bands may tend to roll up on us. I’m not talking about the band shifting. I am specifically talking about the bottom elastic portion rolling up on us. Sure we can attribute it to the way certain fabrics and bra components wear. Or the style. Or in what position on our body we choose to wear our bras. In reality, it’s usually because of a combination of our body composition and body shape.  I’m here to tell you both lean and curvy ladies alike experience this.


Your body is beautiful. From your size to your shape and everything in between. Every last one of you! We have to take a step back and realize we are wearing something on top of our bodies. It is not inherently a part of our body. We can’t expect it to be altogether seamless. Thus, we try to engineer both bras and regular clothing to work with our bodies as much as possible.


When we move, the body pushes up against certain parts of the bra. This results in the edge of the band, the elastic portion, flipping up on us. When we are short waisted or run a little softer in composition the flip is more likely to occur.


Let me be clear. When I say “softer in composition” I don’t mean plus size. There are thin women that are softer in their body makeup. Just like there are curvy women more firm in their makeup. When you have a little softer area around your bra band or are short waisted your body will naturally push against the bra while you move and can result in the elastic flipping in conjunction with the movement. There is more give in your skin, so the elastic folds under the pressure of the movement.


The same thing may occur if our tummy hits the front of the bra band when we sit in a slouching posture. You may have noticed it causes the decorative lace at the bottom to flip up.


Ladies your curves are kickin’! If our bodies were made to be hard and rigid, we wouldn’t be made out of flesh and wouldn’t love dancing so much! Find bras that you love and love yourself in! Don’t get hung up on what a little elastic does from time to time.


Don’t love your bra or its fit? Pop in today for something truly custom fit just for you.


Stay Perky!





Photo Credit Victoria Janashvili


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