April’s Top 3 Fav Bath Soaks

April’s Top 3 Fav Bath Soaks

Rose Petal Milk Bath

Nothing is more relaxing than a bath. The warm water caressing my body, the scents taking me away to my happy place, the gentle motion of the bath kissing my skin, the special bath ingredients working their magic on my joints or muscles, skin or stress level. The quiet. Whatever experience I create for myself, I thoroughly enjoy it every time. I am forced to be present and slow down. I absolutely love it!


Its a small gesture I can do for myself that is easy and enjoyable. There is a ritual behind it. Which means there is a wonderful series of actions I do every time that signals to my mind and my body something awesome is about to happen. I genuinely enjoy my bath taking journeys. Even if I can only squeeze in a 20-minute soak and pop on a special robe afterward.


With so many DIY bath recipes all over the place its easy to start soaking your way to some well deserved “me” time. Personally, I love customizing something that really works for my mood or needs at that moment. Which is how I’ve come up with some tried and true favs. Below, I’ve shared my top 3 current favorite bath soaks in a free PDF below. I hope you enjoy them and get to try them out!


A few reminders: Warm not hot water. Make sure your essential oils are blended with a carrier oil. Stay hydrated. Be sure to set the mood for yourself with great tunes, lighting, and have someone run interference if need be!


Golden Egyptian Goddess Statue


Goddess Bath Soak Recipe

Cleopatra inspired milk and honey bath soak. The fats and proteins in the milk assist in the break down of hardened skin and exfoliate dead skin revealing soft smooth skin. Honey aids in cleansing bacteria and aiding in skins glow. Adding any essential oils provide their own added benefits. I love adding fresh rose petals to the bath and letting a caramel melt on my tongue while I soak.



Tropical Sandy booty


Tahitian Detox Bath Soak Recipe

In general, detox soaks are meant to draw out toxins and balance the body. The combination of ingredients in this recipe work really well together. Eucalyptus, Epsom salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lavender, and Coconut Oil all work in harmony to remove toxins, replace essential minerals lost due to stress, soothe irritated skin and joints, are natural antiseptics, softens skin, neutralizes acids, aid with sleep, promote relaxation and more. This is my go-to bath when I need a total body reset. Best when done before bed. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Champagne, Glass, Bucket pier


Queen of the Tub Bath Soak

When you need to feel like you are Queen of the World, or maybe you already are, this is my ultimate indulgence! This is my secret soak no one knows about. No spoilers here…you have to read to find out! All I can tell you is I have a very special dressing gown I wear and its reserved for after this bath.



Happy Soaking!


Stay Perky!